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Digital Transformation, Business Optimization & Application Optimization

Digital transformation is a fundamental rethinking and re-discovery of customer experience, business priorities, models, processes and operations. It's about finding new ways to deliver value, enhance value, generate revenue, discovering opportunities to improve revenue and improve efficiency – and companies are using innovative technologies to do it.

McKinsol can help you to establish a shared service organization converting information and data into corporate assets. EIM is responsible to acquire, transform, manage and govern business data into corporate assets, which is clean, complete and consistent, that would become a foundational driver for modern-day operational and innovative analytics.

McKinsol can help you to establish a business process hub to analyze and optimize processes across geographies, companies, brands, and departments to make the organization efficient processes effective and less human dependent.

Over the years corporates have accumulated inventory of applications to cater to multiple areas of businesses, however, time to time organization need to go through transformation processes to align with changing needs of business and customers. Such large transformation programs enable organizations to clean a laundry list of applications and adopt newer processes. This exercise allows to optimize applications landscape. McKinsol can help to analyze your landscape and do a rapid assessment to provide recommendations to optimize the applications.