Triple Constraint (Time, Scope and Quality) are the key attributes that must be handled effectively for successful completion and closure of any project. One cannot adjust or alter one factor or constraint from the three without in effect, altering the other two. So doing right estimations of time and cost for the scope at beginning and managing high quality of work during throughout the SAP Retail or SAP implementation require extensive SAP Program implementation experience, deep product and retail industry knowledge. That's where we have created a niche into. We are Retail and Fashion experts.

Having worked on several SAP programs and several SAP Retail implementations, we have mastered the techniques and art of managing the programs very well. Based on our vast experience we have designed our own methodology called "iRACE". The term represents Innovative Retail Activation and Enablement for SAP. iRACE is based on proven and established practices of McKinsol, which has been brought under the umbrella of iRACE. We call it fail proof and guarantee to save you money, thereby reducing TCO of your implementation.

Based on iRACE methodology and SAP's best practices we guarantee you an installation of SAP system at your premises in 13 weeks. We look forward to having a discussion with your prospects.

The highlights of this methodology are shown below:

We consider ourselves as pioneer in simplifying the SAP implementation. Being a customer centric & boutique organization we strongly believe in transparency in approach during complex projects such as SAP Retail or FMS. We simplify the process of implementation using iRACE. That's why some of the big names in retail industry have chosen us. For questions call us at 888-SAP-24X7