Tlog is a transaction log. Tlog is the flat file that each store’s server sends back to the HQ system. It may be EOD (end of day) file or intermittent during the day depending on the integration strategy.

The Transaction Log (TLog) database contains information about most transactions performed at POS registers. It can be used for balance inquiries, employee monitoring, order management, and customer service issues. For example, the TLog can be monitored to determine if an employee is following store procedures, or when a customer disputes the amount charged on a credit card for an item purchased the previous day. In this case, the store manager can search the TLog for all of the previous day’s transactions to provide resolution to the issues.

The TLog can be accessed at the corporate and store levels. If you are viewing the TLog at the store level, you have access to local information at your store. At the corporate level, you can view data for the entire corporate hierarchy, one site at a time. You can also print transaction information from the TLog.

During implementation its interaction and mapping is a big pain and our templates and tools bring lot of ease and efficiency.

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