Times of People:

Times of people is easy to use HR System that feels like you’ve got the power of a large team behind you. Times of people have all the features which are required for smooth functioning of any business whether it is Payroll or project management or whether it Attendance or recruitment it has all the features which you need to run your business steadily.

With Times of people, you can:

  • Run payroll in minutes and eliminate manual errors
  • Stay on track and view important employee compliance items, all in one place
  • Attract and retain talent in today’s competitive market
  • Helps to track employees with features like DSR, Attendance, project management, timesheet etc.
  • Streamline communication, strengthen collaboration, and foster a culture of engagement

Times of people is an OUT -AN OUT platform for your business!



To find the right talent for a particular position in an organization, you must post on social media and sites for job seekers. HRMS support creating job descriptions and posting them on various platforms and the company’s site.

It also proves effective for checking candidates’ backgrounds.  Some criteria are set in the tool. Based on these criteria the tool accepts and rejects applications for jobs.


Time and Attendance Management

Time management is the crucial feature of Human Resources Portals. From login to log out, the software keeps track of the time of every employee. It schedules work shifts for employees as per the need. Moreover, HRMS makes absence management, holiday calendar, overtime tracking, and altering employees as per the schedule set by the company less confusing and manageable.


Finance Management

Finance management is an integrated part of an organization because it has to provide salaries to employees on time. It is required for impeccable distribution. Payroll management also comes under this point. Well, this is an administrative task for compensating employees.

It contains information like gross salaries of employees, payroll tax liability, and payroll deductions. HRMS calculates gross salary, archives payroll records, and remit taxes to government agencies.

Employee Information Management System

It is one of the crucial features of Human Resources Portals. HR portals store information about employees. It contains all the details of employees from recruitment to resignation from the company. The personal information includes the employee’s performance, insurance plans, banking, and tax details. It can also help you when hiring new employees.

It contains information like gross salaries of employees, payroll tax liability, and payroll deductions. HRMS calculates gross salary, archives payroll records, and remit taxes to government agencies.


Employee Benefits Management

An HR team composes and updates a list of benefits. On the other hand, employees can leave requests for benefits on the tool. The benefits administration system contains health, insurance plans, stock options, and information related to the open enrollment periods. It helps the organization adjust benefits reasonably.

Professional Development

It is one of the pivotal features of Human Resources Portals. The performance of the employees can be tracked with the online portal easily. It improves productivity and eventually proves beneficial for the organization and employees.

Various training programs help employees in professional development, learn new skills, and improve the existing ones. Portal schedules and conducts these programs for multimedia learning materials also.

In addition, some employee portals also influence employee performance. The next section of this blog is dedicated to it and the difference between HR and employee portals.


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