Intelligent Master Data Xpress(iMDX)

Standard Freatures

  • SAP/Non-SAP MDM Requests
  • Role based Access
  • Mobility
  • Analytics
  • Cloud based

AI/ML/RPA Framework

  • Intelligent
  • Auto Approve & Recommend
  • Handle Exceptions
  • History based
  • RPA Integrated

Support Heterogeneous System

  • SAP Integrated
  • Centralize & Consolidate
  • Modular & Flexible

Some Key Data Challenges in the Industry are:

    • Continuous Data changes across organization
    • Data redundancy and data duplication
    • Changing Measures for Data Standards
    • Controlling the Data Entry Points
    • People dependency on specific data maintenance
    • Multiple Stakeholders for each data make it harder to organize and maintain data

To tackle above mentioned challenges, Mckinsol has come up with out of the box CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) solution along with Master Data Governance and ML/AI capabilities.

The main features of iMDX involves the following:

  • Enable data steward with various dashboard reporting (out of box) and customizable options to improve efficiency and analytics
  • Inbound connectors to source data from heterogeneous systems to iMDX
  • Data harmonization and enrichment before sent to ERP
  • Built-in Data enrichment by checks on redundancies, de-dupes
  • Standard Outbound connectors to interface Master data with SAP
  • Out of box Roles, Authorizations to allow specified features to ensure SOD conflict procedures for IT governance as stipulated in SOX compliance
  • Customizable Data Governance workflow for request, review and approval processes with customizable email notifications
  • Support multiple ERP systems in each landscape
  • iMDX enablers (Ready to deploy), short implementation duration with low maintenance

ML/AI Capabilities of iMDX

  • Auto approval based on user rating and the past records based on 6 months data we will do exception handling
  • Based on the certain characteristics and attributes system will propose certain things like MC, Season, Validity, assortments

There are various Master Data Domains that are handled by iMDX including, Site Master, Article Master, Vendor Master, Customer Master, G/L Account, Profit Center, Cost Center and BOM creation.
Along with the creation of above-mentioned Master Data, iMDX also complies with various validation techniques like field length validations, data type validations, duplicate check validation with SAP and other downstream systems as well as mandatory field validations.

Product Videos: