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With this app, you as an internal sales representative can create sales orders containing basic information in a fast and easy way. You can open the app using the ISOX app. Note that this app only offers the described functionality for all sales order types that your configuration expert has assigned. 

If multiple sales areas are assigned to your customer, enter the sales organization, the distribution channel, and the division in the popup window when you start creating the sales order. If a single sales area is assigned to your customer, you can enter only the sales order type and the system automatically determines the correct sales area information for this customer.

Key Features

When you create a sales order, you can do the following:

Enter a sold-to party to trigger the determination of specific master data (for example, other business partners, the payment terms, or the shipping conditions). You can use the value help or use type-ahead to enter information, such as a customer name, sales office or a city.


If the system finds an error in any header field or if you enter an invalid value for an item field, it will be displayed as an error. 

You can check your sales order for missing data. A sales order is incomplete if required information is missing.

You can perform the validations on the header level and item level. 

Not all fields are editable. Also, a warning is displayed in the item details.

Set the approval on header level and item level.

If your sales order is relevant for approval and the approver hasn’t yet released or rejected the approval request or sent the sales order back for rework, you can withdraw the approval request. Note that to make any desired changes, you must first withdraw the approval request.

Once a sales order is created, all further changes which are later saved are reflected in the change log. Note, not all fields are relevant and therefore visible in the change log.

Once you have saved your sales order, you have various options to edit it:

You can change to edit mode right away and keep working on the sales order.

In the ISOX app, choose the sales order ID, and then Click on Edit. This way, you can change the data that you’ve entered before. 

Edit option is provided on the header level and the item level. 

Client Use Cases

  • Fashion Handbag – Pre-boarding using Supplier Portal
  • Apparel Wholesaler & Retailer – Pre-validation before the creation of Sales Orders. POC in progress
  • Wire Manufacturing – BOM & routing support in addition to Standard MDG Material & Customer

Process Coverage

  • Single and Mass Create Processing
  • Approvals and Rejection
  • Clean API Replication with SAP®
  • Audit and change logs
  • Data import and export with Excel

Feature at Glance

  • Visibility of Sales Orders at the entry point itself
  • Separate Dashboards of pre-approved or post approved Sales Orders.
  • Enable your workforce by free time
  • Least Customer Service training is required
  • Order Management at all stages
  • Download sales report
  • Live and dynamic API driven validation of Customers, Products etc validation with SAP S/4 HANA® or core ERP.

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