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Managing many applications, processes, regulations and requirements has become a challenge in recent days for companies. Humongous operations keep on happening through many ways, data being added to the systems and the executives find a tough challenge to concentrate on futuristic solutions, initiatives, facilities in changing scenarios due to many constraints. Pandemic is just an example in the recent days.

Moreover, existing applications grow in capabilities, complexities, security, bug-fixing which becomes a hurdle in customer facing stoppages. Imagine how many applications, sites get stoppages due to internal management every day, the number runs in millions. On account of security, 30,000 sites are hacked every day (source Sophos Security Threat Report)

This is why the world is relying on Outsourcing of Application Managed Services to reduce the risks of business and handing the technology over to Industry Experts to Manage the existing services.

McKinsol AMS comes handy for many conglomerates as they get predictive results, proactive response and quality service from Industry stalwarts in SAP. At McKinsol we cater to many solutions in Manufacturing, Retail, Fashion, Life Sciences, Utility, Public Sector and many more

Preconfigured approach to AMS provides Ready-to-go Solutions and Consulting Expertise for a quick turnaround time with responsibilities to deliver the services in time. McKinsol’s Total Quality Program helps reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions) bring superior Client experience

McKinsol AMS Solutions cover

  • SAP –
    • Manufacturing
    • Life Sciences
    • Utilities
    • Public Sector Undertaking and Local Self Governments
    • Retail and Fashion
  • Hosting
  • Web Services
  • Software Support – Supporting home grown softwares
  • Hardware Support
  • DBA Support

McKinsol becomes One Stop Shop for covering many services under one Roof

  • SAP Services
    • Functional Support from Platinum Level Architects in many Industries
      • Manufacturing
      • Life Sciences
      • Utilities
      • Public Sector Undertaking and Local Self Governments
      • Retail and Fashion
    • Coverage for many modular level support
      • Procure to Pay (Materials Management)
      • Order to Cash (Sales and Distribution)
      • Enterprise Asset Management
      • Plan to Make (Production Planning)
      • Record to Report (Finance, Central Finance, Treasury, FSCM, FICA)
      • Reporting and Analytics (BI)
      • CAR – POS
      • Basis and Security
      • Human Capital Management (HR, SuccessFactors)
      • Warehouse Management and Extended WM
      • Enterprise Information Management
      • Master Data Governance
      • Technical Support for Programming
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Testing Automation
  • Non SAP Services
    • Web Designing Solutions
    • Content Management
    • E-Commerce
    • Angular-Python-Java
    • Block Chain
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Testing Automation

McKinsol offerings cover many platforms and flexible solutions

Long Term Support Models which save a lot of operational charges which can be repetitive
Short Term Initiative Models based on implementing functionalities quickly on Rapid Deployment Solutions
Pay-Per-Use Model purely to give advantage to the customers for micro level programming or bug-fixes help

For more details, check our AMS Services

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