SAP S/4 Fashion & Retail

McKinsol’s methodology for implementation of an in-house pre-configured solution for SAP S/4 Fashion & Retail or SAP S/4 HANA is called as ‘iRACE’.

iRACE stands for Innovative Rapid Activation & Enablement For SAP.

SAP has united individual systems for Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing under one roof of SAP S/4 Fashion. It is called SAP S/4 HANA for Fashion & Vertical Business.

Gone are those days when retailer was only a retailer focused to store sales, similarly wholesaler was focused to wholesale business selling to retailers. Now many large retailers are having strong arm of manufacturing such as Armani, Luxottica, and Salvatore Ferragamo. They have equally strong presence in retail, ecommerce or wholesale businesses. Similarly company which were traditionally retail have extended arms toward backward integration and acquired manufacturing or wholesale businesses or vice versa. No matter it is forward integration or backward integration, no company would like to lose any possible revenue because of limitations of system. Therefore SAP came out with a strongest possible solution covering all fashion and vertical businesses under one roof.

McKinsol, based on several hundreds of men-years of experience has captured most important processes of retail and wholesale companies into a pre-configured solution. This can help jump start the blueprinting and implementation of SAP S/4 Fashion.

Help Migrating SAP AFS Customers To SAP S/4 Fashion Solution:

Today customers manage their vertical fashion companies as two different business processes — design, develop, buy and sell to wholesale customers and to customers through their own retail channels — using two different SAP systems which are SAP AFS and SAP ECC Retail . Both systems use different data models and concepts and are integrated through data interfaces. SAP S/4 Fashion is an integrated solution to bring the processes for vertical fashion companies into one system. This solution enables them to manage their business processes across one large data system landscape. It also enables the companies in the fashion industry to use the power of in-memory computing to analyze large data volumes for a fast and accurate overview of products. This results in greater efficiency, quicker time to market, and better inventory control.